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Baltimore Physical Therapy Clinics  

Baltimore Physical Therapy Clinics - therapist working on kneeMost patients who go to Baltimore physical therapy clinics are struggling with pain and are seeking relief from that pain. Usually, when a patient has gotten to this point, the pain has been long-term or chronic and has had a significant detrimental impact on their life.

A physical therapist can help the patient get their life back by evaluating what the problem is and developing a personalized treatment plan for the patient to help provide relief from their pain and begin enjoying their life again. There a variety of different treatment methods a physical therapist may use on a patient. The following is a brief overview. For more detailed information and to schedule a consultation, contact LeMoine Physical Therapy.

Different Treatment Options

There are many different treatment options available to patients at Baltimore physical therapy clinics. Treatment will depend on what the patient’s health issue is and what the goal of treatment is. For example, a patient who suffers from a degenerative joint disease may have a treatment goal of pain alleviation, while a patient who broke their leg may have a treatment goal of getting back to the physical condition they were in prior to their accident.

Exercises are usually part of a patient’s treatment plan and often include exercise the patient can also do at home. Some of the more common include:

  •       Active assistive range of motion exercises – Consists of gentle stretching and strengthening exercises targeted at areas that are weak.
  •       Active range of motion – Consists of exercises where the patient lifts or moves their body part against gravity.
  •       Isometric – Consists of exercises involving muscle contraction with moving joints.
  •       Isotonic – Consists of exercises involving muscle contraction through a range of motion using resistance.
  •       Passive range of motion – Consists of exercises moving the body part through a range of motion without using muscles.
  •       Progressive restrictive – Consists of exercise with the gradual increase of resistance and repetition using rubber bands or weights.

A physical therapist may also use other types of therapy, such as cryotherapy (cold) or heat therapy. Another common treatment option is neuromuscular electrical stimulation where electrical stimulation is used to decrease swelling, improve strength, decrease pain, and relieve muscle spasms. Many patients also receive ultrasound therapy that uses sound waves to vibrate the water molecules within the tissue of the affected area. This helps the tissues to heal.

Patients may also benefit from posture training and gait training. Posture is critical given the impact it can have on our joints, ligaments, muscles, and discs. Watching how a patient walks can also give a physical therapist insight into any potential issues that may be affecting them. Correcting an abnormal gait can also help alleviate symptoms.

Let Our Professionals Help

If you have been considering finding help from one of the physical therapy clinics in Baltimore, look no further than LeMoine Physical Therapy. Call our office to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you enjoy life again.