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physical therapist evaluating patient's shoulder and armPhysical Therapy For Sports Baltimore, Maryland 

Suffering a sports injury can be devastating. Athletes and hobbyists can lose time, energy, and money due to injuries. A sports injury often requires physical therapy so the injured individual can recover in a timely manner. If you are seeking physical therapy for a sports injury, contact Lemoine Physical Therapy to set up a physical therapy for sports in Baltimore, Maryland with us. Call our office at (410) 498-8828 to schedule a free consultation during which we can discuss your recovery plan. 

What Is Physical Therapy? 

Physical therapy is a tool for people who are healing from an injury, accident, or surgery. If an individual suffered a heart attack or stroke they may be assigned to attend physical therapy. Other medical problems such as aging and incontinence may require that the patient undergo physical therapy. 

Physical therapy helps the body when it is changing in such a way that an individual’s quality of life suffers. The majority of physical therapists focus on three core areas: strength, balance, and mobility. A physical therapist will ask what the individual is having difficulty doing and what they want to heal from. An individual’s physical problems will be assessed by a physical therapist. A course of treatment and improvement will employ different forms of exercise and manual manipulation. 

What Goes On During A Physical Therapy Session? 

An individual patient must receive information regarding human health and physical fitness. Patients may have to learn how to lift a specific object properly. An individual may suffer from an injury and have to relearn how to use a particular limb or other body part. During physical therapy sessions, an individual physical therapist will typically apply techniques such as joint mobilization, stretching, and massaging. 

Many physical therapists also perform manual manipulation which involves directed manual force to enhance joint mobility. Also, physical therapists work to improve a patient’s connective tissue and muscles. 

Why Does Physical Therapy Involve These Specific Exercises? 

Physical therapists place people in uncomfortable positions so they can grow physically and emotionally. One goal all physical therapists have is to help people mature beyond their limits. Different tests and practices are implemented to improve a patient over a long period of time. Empowerment is a side effect of physical therapy. All physical therapists intend to make their patients stronger and more resilient. 

What About Home Exercises? 

Individuals who participate in physical therapy sessions are often tasked with implementing a home exercise regimen. Insurance payments may not cover an unlimited number of physical therapy sessions. Strengthening and stretching exercises are often good exercises for practitioners to perform at the beginning of physical therapy. 

Contact Lemoine Physical Therapy Today To Schedule A Free Consultation 

If you are searching for a physical therapist to help you recover from a sports injury contact Lemoine Physical Therapy today. Call Lemoine Physical Therapy at (410) 498-8828. Maintaining a physical therapy regimen is one of the best tools available to those who are recovering from sports injuries. Find a qualified and experienced physical therapist today at Lemoine Physical Therapy in Baltimore, Maryland.