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A Baltimore, MD sports therapy specialist can help you get back on your feet and back in the game. Read on for more information about how a sports therapist can protect your knees, and get in touch with LeMoine Physical Therapy to get started.

What Is Runner’s Knee?

Runner’s knee is a common source of knee pain that affects people of all walks of life, not just runners. There are actually various different causes behind runner’s knee, so “runner’s knee” is actually used as an umbrella term that includes all of these causes.

Runner’s knee is most commonly associated with a dull or aching pain that occurs right above the kneecap. There may also be some swelling, and even some popping when you move your knee. No matter the root cause, runner’s knee is painful, and it can put you out of commission for a few weeks (or even months)

Who Is Most At Risk?

Runner’s knee is a hazard if you’re doing any knee-heavy physical activity. As your Baltimore sports therapy specialist can explain, running is the most common cause, but cycling can also be a factor. Soccer, skiing, and jumping are also frequent causes of runner’s knee.

In terms of who is the most at risk, runner’s knee affects women more than men – and it affects overweight people more often than those who are at a healthy weight. It may also affect you if you have improper running form.

What Can I Do To Prevent Runner’s Knee?

There are a number of different methods to prevent runner’s knee. It’s a good idea to gradually increase the intensity of your workout, and it’s important to stretch before any strenuous physical activity.

Maintaining proper form is also a good way to avoid runner’s knee. When you’re out running, remember to keep your core tight, and remember to keep your knees bent, Avoid leaning, even if you think it’s helping you up hills. If possible, avoid running on anything hard like concrete. Your knees will thank you later.

What Can A Sports Therapist Do For Me?

A sports therapist can help you recover from your runner’s knee, and maintain a personal fitness plan that helps you avoid developing runner’s knee in the future. When you meet with a sports therapist, you’ll be able to go over your medical history and your goals for the future, and he or she will help you develop a plan that gets you closer to your desired results.

If you’ve developed runner’s knee, a sports therapist can help you get back on your feet. But not all sports therapists are created equal. Make sure you do your research and get in touch with a sports therapist who is as committed to your recovery as you are.

What Should I Look For In A Sports Therapist?

It’s important to choose a sports therapist that’s in your area. They should also offer a wide range of services related to sports and physical therapy. If they offer personalized recovery plans, it’s a sign that they’re committed to helping you get back to running shape.

Runner’s knee doesn’t have to leave you floored. Get in touch with LeMoine Physical Therapy today, and see how a Baltimore sports therapy specialist from our office can help.