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Sports Injury Therapy Baltimore, MD

Sports Injury Therapy Baltimore, MD

If you’ve suffered a sports injury, you should consider sports injury therapy in Baltimore, MD. A sports injury can negatively affect your day to day life and keep you off the field for a while. Therapy can help you recover faster.

Common Myths About Sports Injuries

Playing sports can be fulfilling and help keep you in great shape. However, it can lead to injuries if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Here are some of the most common myths about sports injuries:

  • If you’re strong, you won’t get injured. It’s certainly beneficial to be strong and have decent muscle mass. It can help you play your sport better. However, being strong doesn’t make you immune to injuries. If you overexert yourself or don’t get adequate rest, you can still wind up with injuries.
  • Heat is a good way to treat a sports injury. Some athletes make the mistake of applying heat to an injury. When you endure a sports injury, the area will swell quite a bit. If you apply heat, it could swell up even more. To avoid this, apply an ice pack to the area. It will reduce both swelling and pain.
  • You should play through the pain. Unfortunately, some athletes feel pressured to play a game even if they feel pain. This can increase the risk of serious injuries. Athletes who feel discomfort should stop what they are doing immediately and see a doctor.
  • Rest will cure the injury. Although it is important to give your body proper rest after suffering a sports injury, it will not cure it. In fact, too much rest can increase stiffness, making your pain worse. That’s why it’s beneficial to attend sports injury therapy in Baltimore, MD. A therapist will have you perform several safe exercises that will help you heal.
  • Stretching is the best way to prevent injuries. While it is beneficial to stretch before getting on the field, it won’t prevent you from getting injured. In fact, it is actually better to do a light warmup, like jogging in place or jumping jacks.
  • Surgery is the best treatment option. Although surgery may be necessary to treat certain sports injuries, it should be used as a last resort. After all, surgery carries multiple risks. Your doctor will have you try less-invasive treatments first, like physical therapy. 

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