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Back Pain Physical Therapy Baltimore, MD

Back Pain Physical Therapy Baltimore, MD

Back pain is something that plagues many people throughout the course of their lifetime. It is always important to seek help if you are feeling pain. It could indicate weakness, be an injury, or even indicate the beginning stages of the disease. After seeing your primary care physician, contact someone at LeMoine Physical Therapy for back pain physical therapy in Baltimore, Maryland as soon as you begin to feel pain. Pain is much easier to manage if you catch it in the beginning stages, but you should still always turn to physical therapy to see how it can help you manage your pain and become stronger in hopes of eliminating pain in your back. 

How Can a Physical Therapist Help with Pain Management?

Physical therapy works on many different levels. A physical therapist will often perform manual manipulations on your back to either attempt to realign it or to relax your muscles. Tight muscles often account for pain in the back, so it is important to work them out and help the muscles relax. Your physical therapist will also likely give you exercises to work on in order to help with your back pain. These exercises can stretch your muscles and strengthen them so that your back has better support. 

All of your exercises will likely not focus solely on your back. Your physical therapist will also probably have you strengthen your core and other muscles that surround your back. This will help take much of the strain away from your back and allow your back muscles to relax and repair themselves by using others to keep you upright. 

Why Is Back Pain So Common?

Back pain is a common complaint amongst Americans. Not only does technology hurt people by making them look down constantly — putting strain on the neck and upper back — but people are also often much more sedentary nowadays. Without as much activity, there is not nearly as much blood flow to all of the areas of the body or an opportunity to strengthen the muscles in the back. 

Pain is common because people also often feel too busy to bother to treat it. By skipping out on physical therapy, people are really doing themselves a major disservice because they are neglecting to care for their bodies. This can make the muscles weaker and tighter, making the pain feel worse than it would have been if treated properly from the beginning. This is why it is crucial to find back pain physical therapy in Baltimore, MD as soon as you begin feeling the first signs of discomfort.

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Reach out to our physical therapy office today to learn more and set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable physical therapists. We can do an assessment to see what treatment options would be best for you and how to move forward. The sooner you reach out, the faster you will begin getting relief from your pain.