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Physical Therapist Baltimore, MD Physical Therapist Baltimore, MD

Seeking care from a physical therapist Baltimore, MD residents recommend can provide you with the care you need. Chronic pain, physical injuries, and limitations can leave a person debilitated. There are several reasons to consider a physical therapist. Treatment through physical therapy provides several benefits. At LeMoine Physical Therapy, we aim to put your needs first by providing optimal care to assist you in the recovery process. Start the road to recovery today with the services our dedicated practitioners can provide.

Reasons to Consider a Physical Therapist

There are a variety of reasons that people might consider treatment from a physical therapist. Your doctor or chiropractor may have recommended physical therapy to you as a way to manage chronic pain or for injury recovery. In some cases, you may have decided on your own to contact a physical therapist. No matter what has brought you to consider physical therapy, there are many reasons and benefits for why considering a physical therapist is in your best interest:

  • To help return to physical activity faster
  • For optimal recovery from a sports-related injury
  • To reduce the risk of future injuries
  • To increase strength, muscle tone, and balance
  • For an increased range of motion
  • To manage chronic pain that results from osteoarthritis
  • To help manage medical conditions and the symptoms that may accompany them
  • For a non-invasive way of managing pain and injuries

Musculoskeletal pain that has resulted from injuries or medical conditions can seem endless and even impact everyday life. Our Baltimore, MD physical therapist, can help patients access the many benefits that physical therapy provides to assist with injury recovery and pain management.

Finding a Physical Therapist

For treatment you can depend on, it’s critical to take the time and research area physical therapists. You deserve to experience the best possible outcomes from treatment, and because of this, you must invest the time in finding the right practitioner to help you. Search for the following:

  • A physical therapist with the credentials and experience necessary
  • A physical therapist who tries a variety of treatment techniques
  • A physical therapist who comes highly recommended

Don’t choose just anyone to provide you with physical therapy. You have the best opportunity at achieving the best possible outcome by carefully researching area PTs before committing to their services.

We Put Your Care First

We want to help our patients achieve optimal health and well being through the services we provide. By choosing our services, you will find that our practitioners are dedicated to putting your health first. We have witnessed firsthand the challenges that injured patients in recovery have experienced, and we are dedicated to providing treatment aimed at optimal recovery. There is nothing more rewarding than to see our clients make strides in their physical health through physical therapy with our team. We aim to assist our patients in taking control of their situation by becoming active participants in their recovery. The time to act is now. Contact our practice to get started with treatment from our experienced, dedicated, and professional staff.

LeMoine Physical Therapy can help those suffering from chronic pain and are recovering from physical injuries or during the rehabilitative process post-surgery. We are passionate about keeping our clients as healthy and active as possible. Our physical therapists can improve your condition, improve your range of motion, and help decrease the pain you may be experiencing. Schedule your first appointment today with our Baltimore, Maryland physical therapist.

Tips for Effectively Communicating With Your Physical Therapist

Whether you are seeing a physical therapist in Baltimore, MD for neck or back pain, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open. If you’re able to effectively communicate with your therapist, you will be more likely to have a successful treatment. Here are a few tips to consider.

  • Bring a List of Questions: During your first physical therapy appointment, there are likely a lot of things you want to know. For example, you may want to know what treatments are available for your condition and how long it will take to find relief. You may also want to find out if there will be any side effects. To avoid forgetting any of these questions, write them down on a notepad and bring them with you to your appointment.
  • Talk Out Loud: Although physical therapists are skilled at their jobs, they are not mind readers. That is why you shouldn’t be afraid to verbalize your thoughts during your sessions. For instance, if you feel too much discomfort during one of the therapies he or she provides, do not hesitate to speak up. Your physical therapist wants you to feel comfortable expressing your feelings and will be happy when you speak up.
  • Be Honest: There is no reason to lie to your physical therapist in Baltimore, MD. He or she is there to help you, not judge you. For example, if your symptoms have been getting worse lately, let your therapist know. He or she may decide to change your treatment plan. If you have not had enough time to do your assigned exercises at home, tell your therapist. Your therapist can’t help you to the best of his or her ability if he or she does not completely know what’s going on.
  • Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Clarification: There may be several instances when you don’t completely understand what your therapist tells you. In these situations, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for clarification. Your physical therapist in Baltimore, MD won’t think you are stupid for asking questions.
  • Bring a Friend or Family Member: During your physical therapy sessions, you will receive a lot of information. If you are afraid of missing some of this information, consider bringing a friend or family member along. They may catch things that you may have missed or ask questions that you have not thought of.