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Physical Therapy Services Baltimore, MD

Physical Therapy Services Baltimore, MD- woman holding her neckWhen a patient is considering physical therapy services Baltimore, MD families recommend, they often have many questions regarding what will be involved in treatment. The following are some of the most common concerns that the therapists at LeMoine Physical Therapy often hear from our patients. To learn more about how we can help in your particular situation, call our office to schedule a consultation.

Physical Therapy Is Not Just for Surgery or Injury Recovery

Many people think that physical therapy only provides benefits for those who have suffered an injury or are recovering from surgery. However, therapy can actually provide benefit for those patients who are experiencing a decrease in their movement functions and help eliminate the pain some of those everyday activities cause you.

Pain and Physical Therapy

Many patients hesitate to seek out physical therapy services in Baltimore because of the concern that therapy will only exacerbate the pain they are already dealing with. The truth is that the sooner you begin treatment, the sooner you will be able to back to your normal activities. The longer a patient waits to address the issues causing the pain, the longer it may take for treatment to alleviate that pain.

Physical Therapy vs. Chiropractic Treatment or Massage Therapy

Both chiropractic treatment and massage therapy are good options, however, those treatment choices utilize different methods than physical therapy to help ease the patient’s pain and heal. One benefit that physical therapy provides that the other two treatment choices do not is that the patient is very involved in the overall process, learning how to identify issues before they get worse and even have exercises they can do at home between therapy appointments.

Physical Therapy Instead of Surgery?

Although physical therapy cannot cure every issue, it should almost always be considered before a patient has surgery. There are many conditions that are addressed and alleviated with therapy, eliminating the need for surgery.

Even if surgery is an inevitable option, physical therapy can help both before and after the procedure. Prior to surgery, therapy can help the patient build strength in the problem area that will help in the healing process, as well as help with post-surgical healing.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

There are countless benefits of physical therapy services Baltimore, MD residents can use to improve their health, mobility, physical ability, joint comfort, muscle strengthening, and more. If you are struggling with any type of physical movement or discomfort do not hesitate to reach out to our physical therapy clinic at LeMoine Physical Therapy to get started on your healing journey and begin strengthening your body and improving your quality of life. We will be happy to work with you and help you improve your physical abilities, reduce your pain, and improve your quality of life. There is no need to wait, get started today by giving us a call!

  • Improved Mobility
    Depending on your condition and current mobility, you may be able to improve your movement ability. As we age, or from an injury, movement can become restricted or limited which can have a negative impact on your life and affect how much you can do from normal day-to-day living and other hobbies you may enjoy. Baltimore physical therapy services will likely be able to help you increase your mobility and restore your movement abilities to what they were before.
  • Strengthened Muscles
    Muscle strength can be crucial for being able to function fully, especially after an injury as you work to restore movement in your body. Our therapists are trained and knowledgeable in this area and will create a treatment plan for you that includes exercises for strengthening particular muscles that will assist and support your body to be able to move freely again.
  • Accident or Injury Recovery
    One of the most common reasons people seek Baltimore physical therapy services is to heal and recover from an accident. An accident or injury can cause a lot of problems for your body, but with a physical therapist you can see a lot of healing and improvement. You will have to do your part and put in the work, but our therapist can guide you through it and prepare a treatment plan just for you to help you get back to your full mobility.
  • Pain Relief
    Over-use, an injury, age, and more can start to cause pain in certain areas of your body, including joints or when you do particular movements. You may benefit from physical therapy services if you are experiencing some kind of pain, especially if the pain is associated with an accident or a particular movement that you make. You likely can decrease the pain and increase your mobility with physical therapy treatment.

The benefits of Baltimore physical therapy, like from our clinic at LeMoine Physical Therapy, are nearly endless, and you may be surprised how much your condition can be improved with regular treatment. Contact us today and we can schedule an initial appointment where we will do an evaluation, review your medical history, answer any questions you have, and begin putting together a unique treatment plan that is specific to you and your healing or recovery needs. Treatment and physical improvement is available to you and just a phone call away! We will be happy to meet with you and start getting to know you and your treatment needs to get you started on your healing journey. There is no need to limit your quality of life. We look forward to getting your call and starting your treatment!

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At LeMoine Physical Therapy, we work with patients with all kinds of issues. We help patients who have suffered injuries in vehicle accidents, work injuries, and medical conditions, such as arthritis. We also help patients recovering from surgical procedures. If you would like to find out more about the physical therapy services in Baltimore, MD that we offer, call our office today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help.