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Sports Therapists Baltimore, MD

If you are an athlete, you may want to consider seeing sports therapists in Baltimore, MD. Playing a sport can have many physical and mental benefits, but it can also be hard on your body. Here are some benefits of sports physical therapy.

Alleviate Pain

Certain sports, like football and basketball, can cause frequent pain in your muscles and joints. When you’re dealing with that kind of discomfort, it can be difficult to perform your best on the field. Seeing a sports therapist regularly can help relieve your pain. A therapist may perform several treatments to treat your pain, such as manual therapy, cold packs and dry needling.

Improve Strength

In order to be a successful athlete, you must have a lot of physical strength. The stronger you are, the better you can withstand the physical stress associated with playing sports. Your sports therapist can help you strengthen your joints, ligaments and muscles.

Treat Injuries

Unfortunately, athletes always have a risk of getting injured. Even if they’re careful and take the necessary precautions, accidents can still happen. However, if you get injured, you do not necessarily have to have surgery. You may be able to successfully treat your injury with sports therapy. This type of therapy is much less risky and expensive than surgery.

Prevent Injuries

If you see sports therapists in Baltimore, MD regularly, you may have a lower risk of suffering injuries in the future. During your sessions, your sports therapist may have you perform various exercises to strengthen your body, which will make you less susceptible to muscle strains, torn ligaments and other injuries.

Increase Relaxation

After you get done practicing or playing a game, it can be difficult for your body to wind down. This makes it more difficult to fall asleep. That is another good reason to see a sports therapist. He or she can perform various treatments to help your body relax.

What to Expect During Sports Therapy

During your first appointment with a sports therapist, you will be asked multiple questions about the type of sport you play, previous injuries and medical history. Answer each question honestly and with as many details as possible. This will help your therapist create the proper treatment plan for you.

If you play a sport, you should schedule an appointment with sports therapists in Baltimore, MD today.