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Car Accident Physical Therapy Rosedale, MD

Car Accident Physical Therapy Rosedale, MDPhysical recovery can be slow after suffering an injury as a result of a car accident. Every year, passengers and other drivers are killed or hurt on Maryland roads by intoxicated motorists. Depending on the nature and severity of the injuries, victims of DUI crashes may sustain permanent or catastrophic harm. Even if they are able to fully recover from their injuries, it can take months or years of intensive physical rehabilitation, surgeries, and pain to reach that recovery goal. Meanwhile, injury victims may be unable to return full time to their job, or possibly may not be able to work at all. Their reduced or complete lack of income can make it impossible to keep up with paying bills and affording the medical treatment they need for optimal recovery. 

This is just one of the reasons why if you’ve been injured in an accident involving a drunk driver (or any car accident at all, really) that you seek resources that are necessary to facilitate your healing process. Working with the Rosedale, MD car accident physical therapy team at LeMoine Physical Therapy can serve as one of these critically important resources. 

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation often serves as an effective treatment for those who are recovering after getting hurt in a car accident caused by a DUI driver. Physical rehabilitation (or “rehab”) rarely lasts one session. It often involves several sessions, as the full extent of the treatment varies depending on the injury and how serious it is. At the onset of treatment, a Rosedale, MD car accident physical therapy physical therapist will be able to provide an initial estimate regarding the number of sessions that will probably be necessary to address a car accident victim’s most pressing symptoms. Injury victims may benefit from Rosedale, MD car accident physical therapy in these ways:

  • If the individual had to undergo surgery in response to their injuries, physical rehabilitation can accelerate the recovery time and increase their range of motion.
  • If the individual suffered a broken leg or another appendage, after the bone heals, their range of motion may be limited. A car accident physical therapy Rosedale, MD residents recommend can enable them to increase their flexibility and restore their full range of motion.
  • If the individual sustained a permanent injury (including a severed limb), physical rehab can help them learn how to overcome their injury and compensate in other ways. A physical therapist can assist them in learning how to regain their physical sense of self by moving in new ways.

Massage Therapy

It’s natural for the body to tense up in the instant before colliding with another vehicle. Even after the moment of impact, the individual may not be able to relax their muscles and move in a way that is comfortable and natural. If they suffered injuries in the DUI accident, their body may be overcompensating in one or more areas which may result in tightened muscles and limited range of motion. Massage therapy focuses on the areas of your body that will benefit from increased blood circulation and the loosening of tight and pained muscles.

Chiropractic Treatments

If you are experiencing back pain but were not diagnosed with a spinal injury, you may be suffering from spinal misalignment or a pinched nerve. These are conditions that are frequently treated by a chiropractor.  When a DUI driver suddenly slams into another vehicle, the occupants in the second vehicle may suffer from sudden onset traumatic impact. This can result in compression injuries in the back, legs, or arms. Chiropractic treatment and Rosedale, MD car accident physical therapy can provide both short-term and in many cases, long-term relief, and help the body to accelerate its healing process.