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Workers’ Comp Physical Therapy Rosedale, MD Workers' Comp Physical Therapy Rosedale, MD

Millions of people get injured on the job every year. One of the most common injuries that workers suffer on the job is whiplash. The injury occurs when the neck extends beyond its normal range of motion and can lead to neck pain and stiffness, headaches, dizziness, and loss of range of motion in the neck. If you suffered whiplash in a work accident, you should consider seeing a Rosedale, Maryland workers’ comp physical therapist right away.

Here are a few reasons to seek physical therapy after a work accident.

It Supports the Recovery Process

Many patients don’t develop whiplash symptoms until days after the accident. They may resume their normal activities and suddenly feel pain, stiffness and other symptoms when they least expect it. That’s why it’s important to seek physical therapy as soon as possible. The therapy with a Workers’ Comp Physical Therapy Rosedale, MD trusts can improve your flexibility, increase your strength and reduce pain, ultimately aiding in the recovery process.

Staying Active Can Reduce Pain

When you’re dealing with whiplash from a job accident, the last thing you probably want to do is move around. However, being physically active can actually alleviate your pain by delivering blood and nutrients to the injury site. A Rosedale, MD workers’ comp physical therapist can create an exercise program based on your unique needs that will help you recover faster.

It Can Prevent Long-Term Damage

Patients who don’t address their injuries soon after a work accident are more likely to suffer long-term damage. By seeing a workers’ comp physical therapist in Rosedale, MD right after your accident, you can also avoid long-term damage, like chronic pain.

You Can Avoid Surgery

While life-threatening car accident injuries require immediate surgery, non-life-threatening injuries may still need surgery down the road. Because surgery can carry significant risks, it’s best to avoid it if all possible. Because physical therapy helps strengthen damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments, it could potentially help you avoid the need for surgery in the future. Physical is much more cost-effective than surgery and doesn’t come with all the potential complications.

Were You Hurt in a Work Accident?

Getting injured on the job can be a stressful experience. You deserve to be compensated for what you’ve been through. It’s in your best interest to consult with an experienced workers’ comp physical therapy Rosedale, MD clients recommend about your case as soon as possible. Call LeMoine Physical Therapy and improve your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve.