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Back Pain Therapy Baltimore, MDBack Pain Therapy Baltimore, MD

When people come to LeMoine Physical Therapy for back pain therapy Baltimore, MD residents trust, we often tell them about the benefits of getting care shortly after a car accident. There are hundreds of millions of vehicles on the road and highways at any given time throughout the U.S. Of these cars, there will be millions that get into a car accident, are injured, and will sustain permanent damage.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize just how badly a car accident can adversely impact the health of their mind and body. Some people endure aches and pains even years after a car crash, simply because they failed to get treatment within a reasonable timeframe.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a car accident, we encourage you to speak with a representative at LeMoine Physical Therapy for more information. For now, there are the top three reasons why people should get physical therapy after a car collision:

#1 Physical Therapy Helps the Process of Recovery

Symptoms of injury after a car accident may not be felt until the following day or a couple days after the incident. Within this short time frame it is crucial that you seek medical attention to address issues before they have a chance to worsen further. A chiropractor and physical therapist in particular can be helpful in the process of recovery, as spinal adjustments realign your spine and physical therapy sessions strengthen muscles as they heal. 

#2 Rehabilitation Can Reduce Pain

After a car accident, a chiropractor for Maryland back pain therapy in Baltimore understands that you may feel inclined to rest and not move around much. However, by staying in motion it can help reduce your overall pain. Doing rehabilitative stretches and mild activities can oxygenate blood and help nutrients get through the body to areas that are in need of healing. A physical therapy program is geared toward that person’s individual needs. Every exercise and stretch will have a purpose towards improving range of motion and reducing pain. 

#3 Physical Therapy Helps You Avoid Surgery

Surgeries for car accident injuries often include the shoulders, knees, hips, and spine. These procedures may be avoided later on down the line if you act quickly in getting the treatment you need now. Chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy can help your ligaments, muscles, and joints stay strong so they don’t deteriorate as fast. Early treatment will support healing of muscle tissue, less scarring, decreased pain, and overall a more rapid recovery.

Call LeMoine Physical Therapy Today

If you are in need of a qualified and experienced team of chiropractors and physical therapists, then look no further than our clinic. Call LeMoine Physical Therapy today to hear more about how a doctor for back pain therapy in Baltimore, Maryland can help you in your recovery after a serious car accident.