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Common Questions After A Truck Accident - Red Eighteen Wheeler Travels Interstate Highway

FAQs After A Truck Accident

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

There is truly nothing that can fully prepare a person for getting into a tractor trailer accident. 

No matter how diligent you are when it comes to following the laws of the road, someone else on the road may be negligent or reckless. When this person happens to be a tractor trailer driver, that can mean that you become seriously injured and have expensive property damage. When you have been the victim in an accident like this, it is crucial that you know what questions to ask so that you understand how to move forward. 

Top Questions To Ask Yourself After an Accident

To be able to move forward and allow yourself the opportunity to heal following a serious accident like this, it is crucial that you take the time to ask certain questions. 

  • Does the driver hold the proper license? As with any kind of motor vehicle accident, you will want to get the truck driver’s information. However, you will also want to ensure that they hold a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL). CMV drivers are held to high standards and that means that they go through specific training and certifications. If a truck driver caused an accident and they did not have the proper license, this would be important to your case. 
  • Who employs the driver? Depending on who employs the truck driver, you could be dealing with a complicated case. Many tractor trailer drivers are contractors. You could be holding the driver responsible in addition to other parties, including the company that employs the driver, the people who maintain the truck, and even the company that manufactures the truck’s equipment. 
  • Should I involve the police? When you are in an accident, especially an accident involving a truck, it is likely that you are going to walk away with some injuries. You should understand the importance of involving the police. First, you may be legally obligated to involve the police depending on any injuries and depending on the amount of property damage. Second, involving the police means that you will have a police report which can serve as evidence for your case. 
  • Should I work with a lawyer? When you are considering filing any kind of personal injury claim, it is wise to do so with the assistance of a lawyer, such as a trusted tractor trailer accident lawyer. A lawyer will understand the complexities that accompany a truck accident case, will know which evidence to use for your claim, and will have the expertise and resources for finding out who is liable for the accident, even if it is more than one party. 

It is scary and life-changing to get into an accident involving a tractor trailer. You should be able to file a claim knowing you have a lawyer by your side to help. Reach out to a local law firm for more information regarding your claim.