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Local Physical Therapist Offices in Baltimore, MD

Local Physical Therapist Offices – Baltimore, MDIf you are looking for local physical therapist offices in Baltimore, MD, you can begin and end your search with LeMoine Physical Therapy. Our offices offer comprehensive physical therapy services for all age groups, body types, kinds of injury, severity of diagnosis, and ability level. As a result, if you are in need of physical therapy services in order to more successfully manage an acute or chronic condition, we can help. We offer no-obligation consultation sessions, so you have nothing to lose by connecting with our team save for an investment of an hour or so of your time. This process will empower you to make informed decisions about your physical therapy treatment options.

Local Physical Therapist Offices – Baltimore, MD

Our Baltimore, MD local physical therapist offices offer a wide variety of services in order to meet the needs of the community that we serve. We work regularly with patients who have suffered acute trauma (car accidents, acute sports injuries, post-surgical recovery, etc.) as well as with patients who suffer from chronic conditions (pain, repetitive stress injuries, aging-related challenges, balance issues, TMJ trouble, etc.). Regardless of the particular issues that you’re struggling with, if you suffer from weakness, pain, coordination issues, inflexibility, or any other musculoskeletal troubles, please consider connecting with us in order to learn how we may be able to help you.

If you recently suffered an injury, it may be beneficial to go to local physical therapist offices in Baltimore, MD. The therapy may be able to help you find relief. Here are some benefits of physical therapy. 

  • Alleviate pain. If you’re dealing with an injury, you likely have pain quite often. While you can reduce discomfort through prescription pain medications, they come with side effects. Instead, give physical therapy a chance. It doesn’t involve the use of drugs and will treat the root cause of the pain. A physical therapist may use several treatment methods to alleviate your pain, such as manual therapy and joint mobilization.
  • Avoid surgery. In some cases, surgery is absolutely necessary. However, it should only be used as a last resort. If your injury responds to physical therapy, you may be able to avoid going under the knife. Surgery carries serious risks, like bleeding, infection, blood clotting and allergic reaction to anesthesia. Physical therapy, on the other hand, carries few risks and is considered perfectly safe.
  • Increase mobility. An injury can definitely affect your mobility. If you’re in pain and stiff, it can be very difficult to move around. However, remaining inactive is one of the worst things you can do. The longer you stay put, the harder it will be to regain your mobility. That’s another reason why physical therapy is so important. Your therapist will have you perform various exercises to increase your mobility.
  • Prevent future injuries. If you’ve suffered an injury, you can get injured again in the future. That’s the last thing you want. If you go to local physical therapist offices in Baltimore, MD, you can avoid the same injuries in the future. A therapist will help you strengthen the injured area, so it will be less prone to injuries in the future.

Making the Most Out of Physical Therapy

In order to get the most out of physical therapy, you have to attend all the appointments and do what your therapist asks you. For example, if your therapist wants you to perform various exercises at home, you should listen to his or her advice.

It is also important to be honest with your therapist. If you haven’t been performing your exercises or believe that a certain treatment isn’t working, you should speak up.

Schedule an appointment at local physical therapist offices in Baltimore, MD today.

What to Expect at Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

It is not uncommon to be apprehensive or uneasy about starting something new, including physical therapy with one of the local physical therapist offices Baltimore, MD offers to locals of the Baltimore area. Although you may be unsure about starting something new, there are many benefits of physical therapy, and you will likely see many improvements from having working with an experienced physical therapist from LeMoine Physical Therapy. It is often helpful to know what to expect before starting something new and may make you feel more at ease to move forward with it.  

  • An Initial Evaluation
    At your first appointment you can expect to have an initial evaluation to see where you’re at so that your therapist from your local Baltimore physical therapist office can see where you will need to begin and start to determine what should be included in your treatment plan. As part of your evaluation, you will also discuss your relevant medical history with your therapist so that they can have a full understanding of your medical past and things that could affect your treatment and help to determine your needed treatments.
  • Your Questions Answered
    You likely have a lot of questions about physical therapy, how it works, what to expect, what your treatment will include, and more. At your initial appointment your therapist from LeMoine Physical Therapy will be happy to listen to all of your questions and provide you with answers so that you will feel confident moving forward with treatment and understanding how it will benefit your body and your life. You may even want to write down any questions that you have ahead of time so that you are prepared for your appointment and don’t forget any of the questions that you have, as it is easy to do when you are getting a lot of new information at once. Your therapist will be happy to answer any questions, and there are no dumb questions!
  • Treatment Options Discussion
    Depending on your treatment needs, schedule, healing goals, and more, your therapist will prepare a treatment plan for you and discuss your options. You likely will have multiple treatment options, and your therapist will make suggestions and make sure that you understand the benefits of each and the goals or expected outcomes for each. At that point, you and your therapist will figure out the treatment plan that you’re comfortable with and will be a benefit to you and your healing. You will also be able to schedule regular appointments that fit with your schedule.

The Services We Offer

LeMoine Physical Therapy offers “traditional” physical therapy services, in addition to specialized disciplines and alternative methodologies. For example, we offer manual therapy, exercise guidance, movement-based therapy, hand rehabilitation, neurological treatment, tailored therapy for sports and athletes, Kinesio taping, and balance adjustment. We also cater to the unique needs of different age groups, including adolescents and older adults.

Oftentimes, individuals interested in exploring physical therapy shy away from taking advantage of this opportunity due to a variety of factors. Some believe that their condition is “too far gone” or that they have waited too long to act and now it is too late. Others are concerned that their body type “won’t work” in a physical therapy context. Still others don’t like the idea of being touched by a physical therapy practitioner. If you are shying away from exploring the opportunities afforded by physical therapy, schedule a consultation with our team today. We’d be honored to answer your questions, address your concerns, and see if there isn’t a way to get you feeling better – regardless of what your individual circumstances may be.

Physical Therapy Services Are Available

The experienced Maryland practitioners at LeMoine Physical Therapy take great pride in providing client-focused and highly-tailored services to our patients. We do not view physical therapy as a “one size fits all” process. Instead, we view each patient’s situation uniquely and create a treatment plan that serves those unique needs. If you have been researching Baltimore, MD local physical therapist offices, please schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about our approach to patient care; we look forward to speaking with you.