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Neck Pain Therapy Baltimore, MD Neck Pain Therapy Baltimore, MD

Chronic neck pain is what leads many to visit LeMoine Physical Therapy for neck pain therapy Baltimore, MD residents can rely on. We believe that non-invasive treatments must be your first line of defense in warding off neck pain. Sitting at a desk, working out, engaging in sports or other physical activity can put strain on the neck, causing inflammation, pain, and discomfort.

A physical therapist from our clinic can assess your neck pain, identify a possible root cause, and then create a plan for how to alleviate the intensity and frequency of your neck pain. Chronic neck pain is considered any pain flare up that lasts for longer than a few weeks. With help from a physical therapist who can tailor to your individual needs, you can regain strength and flexibility back in your neck area. 

Here are just a few stretches and exercises that we may suggest doing on a regular basis to help alleviate chronic neck pain:

Head and Shoulder Rolls

These are great for warming up before other exercises. Keep shoulders relaxed and arms at sides. Head upright, lift and roll shoulders. Do ten rolls forward and then ten rolls backward, pausing briefly between each roll. Before rolling the head, you want to stretch your neck. Shoulder blades relaxed, head sitting directly over neck upright, begin by dipping chin slowly toward chest. Hold this for a few breaths, unless you feel pain, then stop and call us! Otherwise, hold for a few inhales and exhales, then switch to stretching your head over to the left and right side, and with the head tilted back. Be sure to not do a full head roll, as this can actually strain your neck and make matters worse.

Prone Rows for Muscle Strength
Depending on the severity and reason for your neck pain, a physical therapist for MD neck pain therapy in Baltimore will recommend certain stretches. Lie facedown on your bed or other comfortable surface. Your face should be in the corner so you can dangle arms off both sides. Row with your arms upward, bending the elbows and then squeezing shoulder blades together, but don’t move your head. Try one or two sets of 20 repetitions, and add light weight if it is too easy. 

Neck Stretch While Seated
This can be especially helpful for those who sit at a desk for work or hobbies. Sit upright in the chair and with feet flat resting on the ground. Extend your left arm over your left side and put your left hand over the top of your head. Tilt your head gently to the right, using pressure with your hand to slowly intensify the stretch. If you can hold for 30 seconds, then do so, otherwise stop if there is any pain. Repeat on the other side. This stretch helps elongate the levator scapula muscles on each side of the neck.

To hear more about how neck pain therapy in Baltimore, Maryland at LeMoine Physical Therapy can help alleviate your chronic neck pain, call us today to schedule an appointment!