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Neck Pain Therapy Baltimore, MD Neck Pain Therapy Baltimore, MD

After a severe injury, it is common for people to turn to LeMoine Physical Therapy for neck pain therapy Baltimore, MD residents trust for quality care. In particular, people involved in a car accident are likely to suffer from severe injuries that require long-term medical care. Conditions such as whiplash, neck pain, brain injuries, spinal cord damage, chronic pain, impairment, disability, and physical or cognitive challenges can result from a severe car collision.

Those who have been hurt in an accident can benefit from seeing a physical therapist (PT) for many types of injuries. These professionals can assess and treat those who are recovering from serious injury events.

Physical Therapy Defined

Physical therapy is defined as the art and science of helping people struggling with disease, injury, and deformity while supporting their well-being and overall health. Those having trouble recovering from an injury can get the mental, physical, and emotional guidance needed to obtain goals and reach their new potential. 

Role of a Physical Therapist

A physical therapist works with the patient based on his or her individual needs. A therapist will start by looking over medical records and then speaking with the injured patient and maybe his or her family too. The next step is to develop a treatment plan based on the abilities and goals of that person. Here are tasks that a physical therapist may do to support a patient’s healing and recovery: 

  • Testing cognitive and physical capabilities and restrictions
  • Educating patients on how to perform actions based on their capabilities
  • Evaluating the patient’s physical strength, balance, and coordination
  • Introducing new equipment or materials to help make specific actions easier
  • Providing exercises and stretches to perform at home for optimal treatment

Some cases may involve helping a person recover enough to be able to return to work. For others with severe injuries, goals may entail taking care of themselves again, such as performing grooming activities and eating independently. Or, someone who needs to use a wheelchair because of car accident injuries may require accommodations, such as ramps and lifts. A physical therapist can help that person get accustomed to a new way of living.

Chronic neck pain leads many to visit LeMoine Physical Therapy for neck pain therapy in Baltimore, MD. We believe that non-invasive treatments must be your first line of defense in warding off neck pain. Sitting at a desk, working out, engaging in sports, or other physical activity can strain the neck, causing inflammation, pain, and discomfort.

A physical therapist from our clinic can assess your neck pain, identify a possible root cause, and then create a plan for alleviating the intensity and frequency of your neck pain. Chronic neck pain is considered any pain flare-up that lasts for longer than a few weeks. With help from a physical therapist who can tailor to your individual needs, you can regain strength and flexibility back in your neck area. 

Here are just a few stretches and exercises that we may suggest regularly doing to help alleviate chronic neck pain:

Head and Shoulder Rolls

These are great for warming up before other exercises. Keep shoulders relaxed and arms at sides. Head upright, lift, and roll shoulders. Do ten rolls forward and then ten rolls backward, pausing briefly between each roll. Before rolling the head, you want to stretch your neck. Shoulder blades relaxed, head sitting directly over neck upright, begin by dipping chin slowly toward the chest. Hold this for a few breaths, unless you feel pain, then stop and call us!

Otherwise, hold for a few inhales and exhales, then switch to stretching your head over to the left and right side and with the head tilted back. Be sure not to do a full head roll, as this can strain your neck and make matters worse.

Prone Rows for Muscle Strength

Depending on the severity and reason for your neck pain, a physical therapist will recommend specific stretches. Lie facedown on your bed or another comfortable surface. Your face should be in the corner so you can dangle your arms off both sides. Row with your arms upward, bending the elbows and then squeezing shoulder blades together, but don’t move your head. Try one or two sets of 20 repetitions, and add light weights if it is too easy. 

Neck Stretch While Seated

This can be especially helpful for those who sit at a desk for work or hobbies. Sit upright in the chair and with feet flat resting on the ground. Extend your left arm over your left side and put your left hand over the top of your head. Tilt your head gently to the right, using pressure with your hand to slowly intensify the stretch. If you can hold for 30 seconds, then do so; otherwise, stop if there is any pain. Repeat on the other side. This stretch helps elongate the levator scapula muscles on each side of the neck.

How Family Members Can Get Involved

Caring family members of someone who recently was in a severe accident may need help about how they can support their loved one. Family members may need training on how to help their family members without taking away opportunities for recovery and becoming self-sufficient.

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Tips for Optimizing Physical Therapy Sessions

Neck pain therapy in Baltimore, MD, may be the proper treatment for pain management and recovery. As a prospective patient, we know that you are likely excited to experience some relief from your injuries finally. With excitement, some level of apprehension over what will be expected of you and what you can expect from your physical therapy treatments may also come. At Lemoine Physical Therapy, we want you to receive optimal results, which is why keeping the following tips in mind will be critical to the healing process:

Tip #1: Choose the Right Professional

Choosing a physical therapist is critical to ensuring you receive the best possible outcomes. Be sure to select an area physical therapist with the proper credentials, flexible scheduling, and the resources available to help treat your condition. Sometimes, your physician may recommend getting the process started. 

Tip #2: Stay Consistent with Scheduled Appointments

Your physical therapist will gain an understanding of your injuries, physical limitations, and pain levels at your first session. From there, they will prescribe a plan of care that will include the frequency of sessions and exercises to engage in at home. While keeping up with neck pain therapy in Baltimore, Maryland can feel like a chore, it is critical to your recovery. 

Tip #3: Do Your Homework

Reducing pain levels and increasing range of motion will not happen by just engaging in your in-person physical therapy sessions. Your PT is likely to provide you with several exercises to complete at home. Depending upon the treatment plan, your physical therapist may recommend that you do them several times a week. You will be limited to the number of times you can see your physical therapist each week, and doing your homework will ensure that you can receive the best outcome possible. Disregarding the recommended exercises could impact recovery and even prolong the healing process. 

Tip #4: Be Honest About Your Pain

Your physical therapist will track pain levels at each session to monitor your progress. You must be honest about pain levels that are specific to you. It may even be a good idea to keep a log, tracking pain levels from week to week so that you can provide the most precise possible picture. This information is critical for your physical therapist as they will use it to gauge your treatment plan. Extreme physical pain may indicate a deeper issue, and exercises could be hurtful if patients are not honest about their pain levels. 

Tip #5: Continue Following Doctor’s Orders

Many patients may also be under the care of a physician for their injuries. While our team will work closely with your medical team to ensure a holistic care plan, know that it’s important to continue following your doctor’s treatment plan as well. Continue taking medications as prescribed and following recommendations from your doctor as this will play a role in recovering from injuries. 

Planning for Your First Appointment

It’s not uncommon for patients to have some level of apprehension over what they can expect from their first appointment with our team. Coming as prepared as possible can help us to gain a clear understanding of your injuries while we develop a plan of care for you. Most first sessions last for 60-90 minutes. We will listen to your needs and ask questions about your: 

  • Pain levels 
  • Medical history
  • Injuries

We will also test your range of motion, strength and look for any instabilities. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, as your first session will likely consist of learning exercises that you will be asked to complete at home. 

Whether you were recently injured or have been living your life in pain for some time now, our team of physical therapists wants to help you take back control over your life. Lemoine Physical Therapy offers a wide range of comprehensive services to support the specific needs of our patients. To learn more about neck pain therapy available at our Baltimore, Maryland location, schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists as soon as possible.