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Pediatric Physical Therapy Rosedale, MDWhen you are searching for pediatric physical therapy services in the Rosedale, Maryland area, you can turn to the medical professionals at LeMoine Physical Therapy. With trained and certified physical therapists, you can depend on our team to deliver high-quality services to provide pain relief for your child. Physical therapy has many benefits for children of all ages, medical history, and activity levels. We can determine the treatment program that is best for them. To learn more, see one of our physical therapists now. 

Pediatric Physical Therapy in Rosedale, MD

At LeMoine Physical Therapy, we believe that every patient deserves quality medical care. We prioritize developing the most suitable physical therapy program that is unique for each patient. For our younger patients, we have a specialized program that is built with their specific needs in mind, helping to strengthen their bodies, maintain their health, and prevent future injuries. Ask one of our specialists about physical therapy services that may be right for your child. 

How Pediatric Physical Therapy Works

Physical therapy is a healthcare field that focuses on restoring function and movement in the body. Whether a child has suffered an injury, has a medical condition, or other issue, physical therapy can help to relieve pain and reduce the severity of symptoms. It helps to improve mobility, flexibility, and keeping the body in good condition. A physical therapist who specializes in pediatrics often implements exercises such as gentle stretches and low impact strength training.

Who Can Benefit From Physical Therapy 

Many children can benefit from attending regular physical therapy sessions. Children who have an active lifestyle, play sports, or are recovering from surgery can gain a lot from physical therapy. It can help children achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It is also helpful for children who suffer pain and symptoms who have suffered injuries due to overuse and other physical activties.  

Common Physical Therapy Treatments 

In general, physical therapy exercises for adults and children are similar, but children’s exercises have specific modifications, such as lower reps and lighter weights. Exercises are designed to improve specific areas of the body, such as joints and muscles. Unlike physical therapy treatments for adults, some pediatric physical therapy exercises may incorporate play to make them more appealing and engaging to children. For example, a physical therapist might include games designed to improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Some of the common treatments and exercises a pediatric physical therapy in Rosedale, Maryland may include in a treatment program include:

  • Stretches
  • Balance exercises
  • Adaptive play 
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Cardio exercises 
  • Light strength training
  • Massage therapy

Request an Appointment 

Physical therapy has helped many patients improve their mind and bodies. There are a range of health benefits to having your child receive physical therapy sessions. With physical therapy, your child can improve their health, flexibility, boost their mood, and live a healthier lifestyle. If you are seeking physical therapy services in Rosedale, MD for your child, don’t wait to schedule an appointment today with LeMoine Physical Therapy.